Machuca is hands down our favourite tile manufacturer. Timeless and elegant. Experience it in person in our Agta Nest and our Garden Nest.

This tile gets better with age, as long as you care for it properly. A weekly wax is ideal. I’ve seen Machuca floors that are close to 100 years old!

This is Cat 002 in custom colors.

Level up your hot plate with this tiny two-burner from La Germania. It’s perfect for small spaces, and you can place a cast iron grill across both burners for cooking bigger items.

Experience this in our Agta, Forest, Ocean, Eiwa, and Umi Nests.

All of our beds have a classic Uratex mattress base layer. Combined with mattress toppers, quilted mattress protectors, and a waterproof layer, these beds are the ultimate cozy hidout.

Experience the Uratex mattress in any of our Nests.