Our Ocean Nest was created in 2017 using repurposed shipping pallets, locally sourced wood, and secondhand items.

Be a part of our home

2020 is a year of change. We look forward to the coming months as we delve into the world of the Shoppable Stay.

Our guests often ask us where they can purchase items from our homes. We want to offer them the option to do just that.

In this age of online shopping, there’s a lot of guesswork when buying products. Customers are no longer able to touch, smell, or experience the product in its entirety before making a purchase. This leads to a lot of waste generated from buyers who purchased products that ended up being below their expectations.

Having the opportunity to experience something for an extended period of time helps people make the right decision about purchasing a product. Our homes will serve as an interactive showroom: curated spaces where guests can use all their senses to experience each item before they decide to buy.

We are seeking Partners – local creators of unique furniture, art, food, drink, self care products for pets and humans, functional or decorative home pieces – that align with our goals of being sustainable and eco friendly, while supporting establishments close to home.


Our Nests

Our most popular homes are located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, just 2 hours drive from Metro Manila. A popular weekend destination for Manila residents, our guests are style conscious families, couples, and groups from the ABC market.

The Sleepy Pineapple ‘zine

A zine is a home made publication that guests can read while in our Nests. Here we will feature pieces for sale with links to the website, highlights about notable Partners or pieces, and stories about the people who make these products.


Our Instagram following is slowly growing, as our guests tell their friends about our homes. Monthly targeted ads bring in more followers and more inquiries, and our goal is to reach 10,000 genuinely interested followers before the year 2020 ends.


All our Shoppable Stays will be featured here, on our The Nest by the Sea website. Guests and non guests alike can visit our site to browse photos of each home, choose pieces, and purchase items directly via links to Partner websites.


An Ocean Nest renovation is in the works

August 2020

Ocean Nest is our oldest, most established unit. Featured in several articles, and consistently the #1 AirBNB listing in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, this 40 square metre Nest has been home to hundreds of guests since we opened it for bookings in 2017.

We’re looking to create a more sophisticated retreat for our Ocean loving guests. The new space will feature high ceilings, top of the line appliances, and quality craftsmanship. Minimal four poster beds and area rugs will look perfect in this apartment good for 4 guests. A complete floor and bathroom overhaul opens the area for custom tile work, and an addition of a bathtub.

A Baler seaside retreat is up and coming in 2021

March 2021

Sunset Nest in Baler is our secluded off-grid retreat. Good for 2 guests, it is the perfect tiny home for eco friendly products.

Nama Nest is open for partnerships

June 2020

Our Subic Bay home for large families is open for partnerships. We are taking on an unfurnished, 3 bedroom home in the rainforest, with a lush backyard.

This house for 12 people and their fur babies is a perfect place to feature a large dining set. Multiple bedrooms allow us to feature several bed frames, desks, chairs, and other essentials. Three bathrooms are in need of some new tile, and we are excited with the colour palette and minimal, back to nature design we have chosen for this home!

Mango Nest is our newest pre-nup destination in Subic Bay

May 2020

A tiny, 16 square metre, A-frame hut at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by lush greenery. Our Mango Nest frame is completed, and is a perfect space to showcase cozy bedroom implements: flooring, rug, mattress, pillows, curtains, linens, and lights.

We look forward to hearing from you

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